Akira Eguchi's CD  
Wagner Piano Transcriptions Gotterdammerung, (NYS Classics)
Akira Eguchi(Pf)
Solemn March to the Holy Grail (Parsifal) by Liszt/Eguchi
Walhall (Rhingold) by Liszt
The Ride of the Valkyries (Valkyries) by Tausig/Hutcheson
Funeral March (Gotterdammerung) by Busoni
Spinning Chorus (The Flying Dutchman) by Liszt
Prelude (Tristan and Isolde) by Schelling
Duet (Tristan and Isolde) by Tausig
Prelude to Act 3 and Isolde's Love–Death by Bulow/Moszkowski/Liszt
June 2014
Pictures at an Exhibition, (NYS Classics)
Akira Eguchi(Pf)
What I needed was not a piano with sweet mellow sound. To express music by Rachmaninoff who was introverted and sullen, Prokofieff who was sarcastic and rebellious, Mussorgusky who was a retired soldier, ruined nobleman and clumsy alcoholic, I needed a piano that could express intense agony and sadness, sometimes aggressive and arrogant, and yet tender and magnificent scale of sound in its beauty. July 2006.
Akira Eguchi(Pf)
The Piano, New York Steinway made in 1887, was placed on the stage of the Carnegie Hall for several decades since its opening in 1891. This vintage piano has been played by many legendary pianists there and, one of few pianos that Maestro Horowitz fell in love. Recorded at Carnegie Hall in 2003. Selected as one of the best new released albums from Japanese recording magazine, Recording Arts September 2004.
Dear America, (NYS Classics)
Akira Eguchi(Pf)
On September 11th 2001, New York City was stricken with terror. The twin towers of The World Trade Center collapsed, and, in an instant, thousands of lives were tragically lost. I cannot and shall not forget the sights, smells, and suffering that followed. Selected as one of the best new released albums from Japanese recording magazine, Recording Arts September 2002.
Smile (Coch record)j
Anne Akiko Meyers (Violin), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Including Schubert's "Fantasie", newly discovered Messiaen's "Fantaisie" and short pieces by Piazzola, Miyagi etc. 2009.
French Composers (Bellwood Records)
Hiroshi Arakawa (Flute), Akira Eguchi (Pf) and others
Flutist Hiroshi Arakawa recorded short pieces by various French composers. Each piece is accompanied by different pianists. 2008.
Carmen Fantasy (Avex)
Reiko Watanabe (Violin), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Waxman's Carmen Fantasy, Clara Schumann's Three Romances, Three Myths by Szymanowski etc. 2008.
Shion Minami Debut (Universal Music Classic)
Shion Minami (Violin), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
17 year old Japanese violinist's Debut album. Sonatas by Mozart, Prokofieff, and Ysaye.2008.
Chaconne (Octavia Record)
Mayu Kishima (Violin), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Debut Album of Mayu Kishima, overwhelmed by her passion and energy of the sound. 2008.
Violin Sonatas by Brahms and Strauss (DENON)
Chee-Yun (Vn), Akira Eguchi(Pf)
The newest recording of Chee-Yun. Selected as one of the best new released albums from Japanese recording magazine, Recording Arts 2005.
The Entertainer (AVEX)
Ai Okumura (Violin), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
American Show Pieces. I used a Square Piano ( New York Steinway 1872) for Ragtimes of Joplin. 2005.
Sorrow of Love (AVEX)
Ai Okumura ( Violin), Akira Eguchi (PF)
Popular short pieces for violin and piano. 2005.
romanza (BMG Fan House)
Kyoko Takezawa (Vn), Akira Eguchi(Pf)
Kyoko's favorite short pieces. Suk's Love Song, Prokofiev's Waltz from Cinderella, etc. Selected as one of the best new released albums from Japanese recording magazine, Recording Arts 2003.
The Faure Album (Canary Classics/Vanguard Classics)
Gil Shaham (Vn), Brinton Smith(Vc), Akira Eguchi(Pf)
Very first album from his new and own label. Sonata, Piano Trio, and many short pieces by Faure. His pure, beautiful sound really matches to Faure's music. 2003.
Family Tree (Kosei Publishing)
Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto(Trombone), Sho-Ichiro Hokazono(Euphonium), Akira Eguchi(Pf),
Trombonist of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (currently Principal Tromboninst of Seattle Symphony as of 2008) collaborates with the top Euphonium player of Japan. 2003.
Mie Kobayashi Plays Kreisler 2 (DENON)
Mie Kobayashi (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Her 2nd Kreisler Album. 2002.
Beethoven.jpg Beethoven (IVCI)
JuYoung Baek (Vn), Anne Epperson (Pf), Svetlin Rousev (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf), Liviu Prunaru (Vn), Rohan De Silva (Pf)
Beethoven Violin Sonata Op.12-1, Op.30-2, Op.30-3. Medalists of 1998 International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. 2002.
Sentimental.jpg Chee-Yun's Sentimental Memories (IDC)
Chee-Yun(Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf), Mike Renzi & Ensemble, etc.
Chee-Yun's Cross Over CD, details on the Diary 5/13. Available only in Korea. 2002.
Love of Beauty (Philips)
Sumire Kudo (Vc), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Sonatas by Debussy and Chopin, plus some French short pieces. It was recorded at the freezing cold NYC right before turning into the 21st century. All the staff members were complaining about the weather, although our playing was very hot!. 2001.
Shuncla.jpg SHUN of Classic (Philips)
Mitsuko Uchida(Pf), I Musici Enssemble, Sumire Kudo(Vc), Akira Eguchi(Pf)etc.
Now the season of Classics! Super combination Album. 2001.
Proof.jpg Proof (Kosei Publishing)
Koichiro Yamamoto (Trombone), Akira Eguchi(Pf)
The 1st album of Koichiro Yamamoto, Trombonist of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Truly singing trombone!. Amazing wide range of dynamics. 2001.
Kobayashi.jpg Mie Kobayashi Plays Kreisler (DENON)
Mie Kobayashi (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Her Kreisler has incredible shades of colors. I feel her violin playing is not very modern stile, rather has the atmosphere of old legendary players. Great Kreisler player. 2001.
Pampeana (Philips)
Sumire Kudo (Vc), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Debut album of a young cellist, Sumire Kudo. Joyful short pieces, Pampeana by Ginastera, Song of the birds by Casals, Polonaise Brillante by Chopin, etc. I personally feel this Chopin polonaise is not a PIECE, has quite big piano part actually. 2000.
Chopin on Violin (Marquis Classics)
Catherine Manoukian(Vn), Akira Eguchi(Pf)
Pieces by Chopin, arranged for Violin and Piano, selected by herself, the great Chopin lover. She played Cello Sonata on violin. A lot of newly arranged pieces including Etudes, Waltzes, Nocturnes. 1999.
Elegies and Rhapsodies (Marquis Classics)
Catherine Manoukian (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
A debut album of a young violinist from Toronto. As the title describes, this is an album of melancholic and passionate short pieces. We hardly have chance to hear the Ysaye's Poeme Elegiaque at concerts. 1998.
Tomoko Kato plays Elgar (DENON)
Tomoko Kato(Vn),Akira Eguchi(Pf)
Including the great demanding violin sonata. This sonata is Brahms-like very heavy profound music as his violin concerto. It should be played more. 1998.
The Fiddler of the Opera (DeutscheGrammophon)
Gil Shaham (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Lots of fun with opera transcriptions. Includes very rare transcriptions such as Carmen fantasy by Hubay, Magic Flute by Sarasate. 1997. (This cover photo is for Japanese release only.)
Romance.jpg Romance (Korean version, DeutscheGrammophon)
Gil Shaham (Vn), Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Akira Eguchi (Pf)
This Korean Version of Romance includes one short piece with piano accompaniment called Sarang. 1997.
Anight.jpg A Night At The Opera (DENON)
Tomoko Kato (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Mellow and Charming arrangements of Opera areas. Summertime arr. by Kazunori Maruyama is the one you must listen. On Hendel's Largo, Tomoko plays recitativo on violin respectfully. I played on two pianos, Bechstein and Ny Steinway to match the sound to the character of the pieces, by courtesy of Takagi-Klavier. 1997.
Spirit96.jpg The Spirit of '96 (NPRClassics)
Chee-Yun(Vn), Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet, Constantin Lifshitz (Pf), Akira Eguchi (Pf), etc.
This is the live recording from the radio show held at Atlanta on the day before the '96 Olympic Opening Ceremony. Believe or not, Chee-Yun and I played Jazzy 'Georgia on My Mind'. Must listen! 1996.
Sejong.jpg Sejong SoloistsÅiNICESÅj
Sejong Soloists
This is a chamber orchestra directed by Mr. Hyo Kang, a violin teacher of the Juilliard School. Every member holds some competitions' winning history. Adele Anthony is at the concert mistress sometimes. I am not the member of the orchestra but occasionally play the piano or harpsichord. On this CD, I played the harpsichord. 1995.<
Franck&Szymznowski Violin Sonatas (DENON)
Chee-Yun(Vn), Akira Eguchi(Pf)
Szymanowski's sonata is not often played at concerts but it is quite passionate and beautiful music. This is one of his early period works and somehow influenced by Chopin. 1995.
Indiana.jpg Night Music (IVCI)
Adele Anthony, Juliette Kang, etc. (Vn) Anne Epperson, Akira Eguchi, etc. (Pf)
Various short pieces from live at Indianapolis International Violin Competition in 1994.
Vocalise (DENON)
Chee-Yun (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Chee-Yun's very first CD. A charming album of short pieces. Bernstein-Penaforte's Westside Story was exclusively arranged for her. 1993.
French.jpg French Violin Sonatas(DENON)
Chee-Yun (Vn), Akira Eguchi (Pf)
Three Sonatas by French composers, Faure, Debussy, and Saint-Saens. 1993.